Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl

Demystifying the Hashtag

April 14, 2021 Mary Meier-Evans
Getting Social With The Curious Cowgirl
Demystifying the Hashtag
Show Notes

In this Episode I'm Demystifying the Hashtag.   How many should you use, what topics are best, and is bigger better?

Hi!  I'm Mary, The Curious Cowgirl.

I teach Antiques and Vintage Business owners how to utilize Social Media to cultivate new customers and clients and increase sales.

Whether you are an Antiques Dealer.  Run an Antiques Store or Antique Mall.  Maybe you sell Vintage collectibles or Vintage clothes at Flea Markets, or have a booth somewhere.

Wherever you do business, your business needs a strong Social Media presence. 

Let me help you reach new buyers, collectors and customers!

Special Announcements

If you, or the Dealers in your Antique Mall, are interesting in learning more about my Zoom-Based Workshops teaching Social Media Strategies, or if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and would like to explore an in-person training Workshop, please email me and I will be happy to send you information!

Topics Include Instagram, Facebook, Marketing Techniques for Antique Mall Dealers, Creating Captivating Content, and much more!

For more information:  Email